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Washington Informer’s MLK Holiday DC Essay Contest Winners 2018

Tyaiona Jones

As I walk through my Bellevue neighborhood, I see children throwing many types of objects at the buildings. I am terrified of any foreign object coming through my window. Throwing dangerous objects at people’s windows is an issue that really affects the safety of my daily life. I even think about it when I am at school.

As I am reflecting on this issue of vandalism, I recall one day I heard a big crash near the window. There was a big brick on the floor in my living room. I jumped out of bed and screamed as loud as I could for my mom. Finally, when she came in my room she saw a big hole in the window. As my mom called the police, she looked outside and saw two kids throwing bricks and rocks at another building. I was anxious that it would happen to me again and I did not feel safe at all.

When I think about how I can make my neighborhood safer, there are some changes I can implement. The first thing I would do is to call our ward’s councilman, Trayon White, to hold a town hall meeting to highlight this issue. In addition, I would ask parents in my community to form a neighborhood watch group that could work closely with the police. Also, I would ask adults for a donation to rebuild the apartments. In addition, my friends and I would have a bake sale, collect pennies and collect bottles to add to the donation. Last, I would keep the buildings that got repaired safe and make sure the people that did bad things to the buildings go to someplace else.

These are just a few of the positive things that we will begin to start doing in my neighborhood. I will continue to talk about future activities to keep my neighborhood safe.


Darrell Boyd

MLK Holiday DC Essay Contest Winners 2018

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